Lynx Africa – the secret to Joe Parkers success

The secret is out!

The impeccable record of Joesph Parker has been revealed and it’s certainly not what you think.

Some would attribute Joe’s 21-0 to his menacing right arm, perhaps it’s the pre-bout pack of Codys he consumes or maybe just his work ethic and commitment to the cause. But the secret is finally out. And it’s Lynx Africa

Yes, that’s right. In a surprising admission Joe will pack bottles of the stuff to wash himself with before the fight

“The thing is, I went to the youth Olympics a few years back and as a young boy I just wanted to fit in. When it was time to hit the showers all the athletes were applying Lynx Africa bodywah with a loofah. I started wearing it before every fight and seem to be doing pretty well“

“There was this one fight recently in round 3, my opponent finally got close to me and his body language changed. He looked at me in the eye, only for a split second, and I could tell by his eyes he was thinking – Man this guy smells fresh – and them BAM I was like, left hook, later bo”

Lynx declined to comment.

Despite may first round knock outs, Joe is still hoping to make it to first base someday because of the stench.

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