Bishop Brian Tamaki Blames All Blacks For Ireland’s Loss

In a damning sermon on Tuesday at Destiny Church, Bishop Brian Tamaki said the All Blacks were the cause of Ireland’s loss on Sunday.

Tamaki missed his regular 8:30am service on Sunday, as he had been watching the rugby match at home.

“Until the All Blacks stop behaving like the devil, these losses are going to continue to occur for their opponents. You watch, in France this weekend the All Blacks will cause a disaster there too. You can basically predict it.

The bible said in Leviticus I think, or something, that the luck of the Irish will run out against the devil, and that shows the All Blacks are the devil. They caused this”

Steve Hansen, Pope of the All Blacks, told Thai Castle this was a clashing of opinion.

“New Zealand’s religion is Rugby, not Tamaki’s silly church. Just because he doesn’t believe, he thinks makes the All Blacks destructive. I’ll show him destructive”

God could not be immediately reached for comment.


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