Steve Hansen: “If We Lose This Week I Will Step Down From Coaching The All Blacks”

Despite winning a World Cup, and 92% of all the games he has coached, Steve Hansen will be facing a do or die scenario this week against Ireland.

The most successful coach in All Blacks history has told the media that if his team loses to Ireland for a second time in the space of two weeks he will step down as coach of the All Blacks.

In a short statement Steve Hansen said “Ireland played really well two weeks ago beating us for the first time ever. Despite all my achievements this has really plagued the depths of my soul. I simply cannot experience that feeling again. The coaching staff and the players told me it is okay. But to be honest it’s not. That’s why if we are to lose to Ireland for a second time, I feel I will not be suitable to be All Blacks coach and will need to step down.”

All Blacks captain, Kieran Read, seemed focussed telling Thai Castle, “We thought he was joking about stepping down. But we soon realised he is dead set serious. He even read us his retirement speech which is in the form of a limerick and talked about his desire to become a real estate agent and a zoologist after he is done coaching.

He even showed us the job applications and said they are waiting in his gmail drafts. Just in case. All of this has banded the boys together and we are going to pull off the performance of our lives this week, for sure. I can assure you that the luck of the Irish will not be with the Irish on Saturday. Steve Hansen will remain our coach”

When asked how he would motivate his players ahead of this weeks clash Steve Hansen winked at a reporter and said “reverse psychology” before dropping the mic and leaving.

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