Trump Deports Steven Adams After Oklahoma City Thunder Lose

Trump has started his deportation of illegal immigrants from the US. As one of Trump’s first moves since becoming the President-elect on Wednesday, he has singled out Kiwi Basketballer, Steven Adams, and told him to pack his bags.

“This guy is taking $100m from the US economy, and he’s sending it back to Mexico or China or something. Somewhere huge.

I’ve been in business all my life, I’ve made a very successful company, and right now he’s making more than me and he can’t even win against the Raptors. A foreigner. A Muslim. A Mexican. He’s everything we don’t want.

We want to double our growth and this guy literally couldn’t be any taller, believe me”.

Adams spoke to Thai Castle shortly after, saying he was disappointed about the decision, but most of all was terrified about being deported to Mexico instead of to New Zealand.

“Trump said I was to go to Mexico and help build the wall, because of my height. He thinks I’m Mexican”

Adams has so far spent $5.4m of his contract, and will be starting a givealittle page to help pay it all back.


    1. It’s. I’ll shut like this that will piss off the trump haters, I voted for Hillary but Trump won, the majority he to like him or he wouldn’t have won. Let’s not forget he cant just start doing what he wants, there is a checks and balances system in place. Just calm down and see how it goes, if he gets to unruly or ignorant impeachment is a real process and the clintons are very familiar with.


  1. This posting is 100% fake and you will be dealt with. I hope you find solitude inside of Hillary Clinton’s spirit cooked bum hole!!! If you don’t like Donald Trump, then you can go live in a third world country yourself and see how amazing it is. Or maybe you can just be grateful for America and stop the b.s.

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  2. Actually this is 100% fake. Trump didn’t do this. It is Hillary lovers that want to make it seem like trump is doing this. In actuality, Trump isn’t going to waste his time with a second rate NBA player. Sorry but true.


  3. Whoever took the time to write this must be retarded! What a waste of your fucking time. And that’s an insult to retarded people!!


  4. Laughed my ass off. Especially the bit about him helping build the wall because he’s so tall. Thanks to the poor humorless bastards that took it upon themselves to point out this story was fake. How the long winter nights must drag…


    1. Lol thank you sir for an actually good reply to this and the other comments. I wish I could give some rep points on here!

      – The Smiling Pilgrim


  5. Steven Adams is not from Mexico he is from New Zealand, he has not been evicted from USA, tis is total lies and whoever wrote this need to fucken shoot themselves before I email the man himself and send him this link so he can sue this site for millions of dollars.


  6. haha Steven Adams has a $100m contract which is legal….Trump is deporting Illegal immigrants…this is funny though….goes to show don’t believe anything, go straight to the people themselves….


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