Stephen Donald Saves Man From Burning Car

Former All Black, Stephen Donald, has gone from a hero on the field to a life saver. Early this morning Donald was going for his morning run when he noticed a car ablaze down the road. Inside the fiery wreck was local resident, Michael White.

Donald told the media, “I was on the final kilometre of my 22km morning run when I saw the burning car. I thought that was weird so I decided to walk closer to the danger. I could hear Michael screaming. He looked trapped so I ran over unbuckled him and got him out in the nick of time. It was very close so I had to be clutch”

White, although physically shaken, told Thai Castle “I thought I was done for. Was getting pretty warm in there and I couldn’t move. I saw someone approach the car and was amazed when I saw it was Beaver himself. Got to admit after realising it was him I knew things were going to be alright. I don’t know how he did it. But he flipped the car on its side. Ripped off the seat belt buckle with one hand pulled me out and even grabbed my iPhone, iPhone charger and my groceries from the boot. I knew he was clutch on the field but this was something else. I can honestly say that Beaver saved my life today.”

Donald remained low key about the whole situation saying it was the least he could do and plans to take White for a beer this weekend and help him pick out a car which is less on fire

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