Married Man Moves Honeymoon To Chicago, To Watch The All Blacks

Keith Richardson a newly married man from Invercargill has moved his honeymoon from the West Auckland to Chicago so he can watch the All Blacks game.

Keith told Thai Castle “Cheryl and I got married a month back at Rugby Park on the halfway line in an incredible ceremony. She was looking amazing in here Adidas Malice SG’s. Jimmy Cowan was the celebrant, what a time to be a live I say. We always dreamed of heading up to West Auckland for our honeymoon. The thought of booking a motel out in Henderson and then having some beves while cutting shapes at the Te Atatu RSA was what we always wanted for our honeymoon. Then about two weeks out Cheryl suggested we go watch the All Blacks game in this place called Chicago. I thought it was a bit ambitious since hearing that Chicago is a bit further away than Sydney but we committed and are so excited.”

When we asked Cheryl her thoughts on the quick change of events she said “Pretty sweet aye. Hope they have an RSA in Chicago though.”

The newlywed couple flew out yesterday and said the hardest part about the late change was “getting there money back from the motel owners” and “sussing a passport”.

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