Lorde Donates $1 Million Dollars To Bring Parker Fight To New Zealand

After hearing Duco events needs $1million to bring Parker’s fight against Andy Ruiz to New Zealand, our very own Lorde and Saviour (also known as Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has stumped up with the cash.

“Boxing is something that I’ve always loved. I was always destined to be a professional boxer, until singing got in the way” Lorde told Thai Castle.

“I spend most of my spare time in the ring with my manager; it’s why my latest album has taken me four years. I just can’t get enough of boxing, I crave that different kind of buzz.”

“Not many people know this, but Royals is actually all about my love of boxing, and how I’ll never get to be a boxer, even though it runs in our blood. My black eyes aren’t always make up”

“Let me live that fantasy through my man Parker, I’ll see you in the front row!”

Duco Events approached the government for funding through the Major Events Development Fund, but John Key didn’t really want to go saying, “ah, right yes thank you, but I think you can agree, and I think New Zealanders can agree that the idea of watching someone get their lights punched out isn’t appealing to everyone, and I don’t think that’s sort of where we should be putting our money”.


  1. Rrrrreally lots of homeless help needed Yes it’s your money Farout what a waste of money Enjoy the fight while homeless are not watching it Chhhhurrrrr


  2. Thankyou Lorde for making the sacrifice to bring Parkers fight to New Zealand, may the good Lord continue to bless you in every wayhe may see fit, love you so much…


  3. KIWIS are known for punching above their weight. This event is a symbol of who we are and to bring it home people around the world will see that. We are talking about the biggest sport in the world.


    1. Who says she ain’t giving to the poor, she maybe giving to them, and doesn’t want to talk about it, a lot of people don’t like to talk about there life, but this particular event is what everyone is talking about, not just boxers, so she was asked to speak about why she donated the money….


    2. Richard you’re another idiot why would she give to the poor?? She can do what she wants with her money if you are so concerned about the poor go and make a million dollars yourself then you be ” a tiny bit generous ” dick


    3. She has been..couple of months ago she donated 10,000 to a much needed family whom needed their home renovated for their handicapped son…she may have been doing other donations without recognition (good for her since she doesnt have to do any of that!)


  4. Yeah right John Key, but ok to spend millions of tax payer money on a failed America’s Cup campaign not so long ago, including millions more on a failed bid to change our flag. Both unappealing to many NZers. And those are just two examples that come to mind. I’m sure there are more. Hypocracy is a symptom of arrogance & ignorance Mr Key.


    1. And I bet you would have been one of the many who would have been jumping up and down if the Americas Cup would be back in New Zealand!


  5. Awesome Lorde, John Key won’t back him because 1 mil is not enough to waste, not like the Americas Cup aye. But with Parker, we got a better chance of winning, not like the rich guys and their toy sailing boats.


  6. St Joseph Parker. Royal bloods.Champion of the world and saviour. I Am!.. your greatest fan.The Lorde is with you uso. St Peter Parker spiderman4 real.


  7. FACT CHECK, The tax payers money given by both Helen Clark and John Key was a brilliant investment. Four times more money came back to New Zealand in GST, ACC, PAYE,Income tax and company tax from all the economic activity it stimulated.Today New Zealand sailors bring $20 million of salaries back from all over the world and we export $100 million of boats and services every year.


  8. Lovely gift to a great fighter. We are truly blessed with a person like you who truly understand the meaning of having the parker fight in nz.


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