Whangarei’s 2024 Olympic Bid Is Unsuccessful

Local residents of Whangarei were left disappointed this morning after hearing their town’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Games was unsuccessful.

Whangarei Mayor, Cheyrl Mai, told Thai Castle “I was very confident that we were going to win the right to host the Olympics in Whangarei. I can’t possibly see what Paris and Los Angeles have that we don’t.”

The Whangarei council pulled out all the stops to bring the Games to the North of New Zealand making major changes and building new infrastructure.

This included: – Adding an extra lane to Whangarei Primary School’s Swimming Pool.
– Spray painting the concrete running track orange to look more like the Olympics.
– Spliffy and Jointy to be the official mascots of the games to honor Whangarei’s rich agriculture industry.
– Burger King carpark to be spray painted orange and used as the Athletics track.
– Opening Ceremony performances to be a include Ben Lummis, Rosita Vai and Dane Rumbles younger brother Tane Stumble
– Soccer games and sevens games to be played at the exact same time to save space and the environment

It had been arranged that any hours spent volunteering would count towards Community Service hours for the majority of the residents.

Local resident Stanley Jones-Whare told Thai Castle “Yeah pretty sad we don’t get the Olympic games aye. They said if we got it then they would build a Subway and a dine in Pizza Hut. That would have changed the fortunes of our Whangas forever”

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