BREAKING: Kieran Foran Leaves The Warriors

Kieran Foran has walked out on the Warriors, a month after signing. News came out this morning that Foran no longer wants to play for the club and want instead to pursue his life long dream of working at Kelly Tarltons.

In a brief statement Foran told the media “I am leaving the club and rugby league. The truth is I have wanted to work at Kelly Tarltons since I was six years old.

I went on a school trip there with Ellerslie Primary School.. I remember seeing the stingrays, penguins, and knew that I wanted to work with them when I was older. But then the whole rugby league thing happened.

Footy has been a great ride but I now need to be true to myself. I thought moving to Auckland and playing with the Warriors would bring me closer to Kelly Tarltons and take away my urges to work there. It has done the opposite”

Kelly Tarlton, the owner of Kelly Tarlton’s commented saying “we are ecstatic to have Kieran Foran on the Kelly Tarlton’s team for 2017. He has taken a huge pay cut for this role. But we are sure he will passionately lead our merchandise team.

Eric Watson, Warriors owner, has refused to comment about the whole scenario.

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