Quade Cooper’s Family Admits ‘We will boo him too’

In a Thai Castle exclusive, it has been revealed that the entire extended family of New Zealander-turned-Wallaby, Quade Cooper, will be attending this Saturday’s Bledisloe Cup match. However, like everyone else in the crowd, they will be booing him every time he touches the ball.

Cooper’s father David explained: “We’ve tried to be as supportive of Quade as we can over the years. But it’s getting to the point now where he is just a shit player like the rest of the Wallabies. It’s kind of embarrassing for us as a family”.

Cooper has often been the target of abuse by NZ crowds, due to his switched allegiance and generally punchable appearance. David went on to add: ‘The whole whanau is gathering from around New Zealand to finally let him know that he really made the wrong choice. That, and the fact he’s done fuck all in the last five seasons.’

The Wallabies themselves are unconcerned at the impending hostile reception, coach Michael Cheika saying ‘well it’s not like we’re gonna play any fuckin’ worse, is it?’.


  1. Thats awful to print this crap! You should only report positive and supportive facts not encourage up and coming athletes to read such rubbish.


  2. What a way to speak about your own flesh & blood……..I bet you didn’t do better than Quade……however…….he was a little dirty prick, When an AB’s was down….he will punch or kick him…..especially Ritchie McCaw…….the dirty gutless tactics were brought on by Quade…?why do you think the All Black supporters loathe him……..me for one out of a 1000 plus


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