McCullum to kids: ‘Smoking makes you better at sport, life’

Brendon McCullum is excited to be a part of the new advertising campaign to bring back smoking into the mainstream. He will be fronting a three week digital, radio and television to cover all platforms to ensure the message gets across to the whole of New Zealand with ‘awesome’ catchphrases like ‘ the dart is art’, ‘if you don’t smoke then you’re not a real bloke’ and ‘ itsssss nicotime ‘

Brendon told Thai Castle “ Yeah so its come out that I lit a dart during the world cup semi-final. So what, it was fucking stressful! To be fair I smoke during every Blackcaps run chase and so does the coach. Anyway, yep its true I’m fronting this campaign and I can’t wait. Great to promote things your passionate about. I’m been lighting darts since I was 9 when mum couldn’t find a way to calm me down as a kid, fair play to her. I was a ratbag.“ McCullum continued: “You know it’s just bullshit how everyone thinks smoking is bad for you, do you think I could have hit a 300 against India without the nicotine hot? Do you really? Like what the hell man come on what’s the problem with you media making us out to be role models, fuck you Thai Castle, get out of my face.”

Rumour is that Mitchell McGlenahan was axed from the squad last year when he was asked by Brendon to ‘ bring a pack of darts ‘ to the nets he turned up with actual darts. McCullum apparently flipped his lid and ran to the selectors to have him dropped.

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