Steve Hansen Admits To Using Musical Chairs To Pick Starting Line Up

Steve Hansen has admitted to using the child’s game ‘musical chairs’ to pick the All Blacks starting line up each week.

When asked why, Hansen smirked, “Mate, musical chairs is a game that the boys absolutely love. They tell me that they find the weekly game easily the most competitive thing about being an All Black. The opportunity for them to really try and put their skills to the test is something they just don’t experience on the field”.

When asked if his comments were arrogant and disrespectful to their opponents, Hansen dismissed it, “Have you seen The Rugby Championship points table?”

The All Blacks coaching staff are reportedly planning to try some new selection methods to make games even more competitive including an idea called ‘Position Roulette’. Once the 23 players have been chosen by Musical Chairs, the players put all jerseys 1 to 23 in a bag and then pick a jersey. Whatever number they pick up is the position they play that day.

Sky Sports have secured the rights to the All Blacks musical chairs selection game, with commentary to be provided by rugby and musical chairs experts.

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  1. I sure hope this arrogance dont come back to bite his ass . . . . the aussies only have to play an ugly/spoiling game of rugby to throw the AB’s off target . . . and . . . BOOMFAH , as Justine Marshall would say !!!


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