Justin Marshall Gatecrashes & Ruins Ardie Saveas 23rd Birthday

A drunk and disorderly Justin Marshall reportedly gatecrashed and ruined Ardie Savea’s 23rd birthday celebration on the weekend.

The former halfback was said to have entered the event shortly after speeches screaming “It’s Marshy bitches! The king is here Boooofpahh!”

Other All Blacks in attendance for the event found Marshalls presence rude and perplexing with Kieran Read saying “Yeah we thought he had a bit too much to drink so just let most of the stuff he was saying slide. But then he starting talking to me about how he has excited about playing in next weeks Bledisloe and had been waiting for Smith to slip up”

A distraught Ardie Savea gave his insight on the whole ordeal telling Thai Castle “He was not invited. He just showed up. At first it was entertaining but it quickly got annoying. Toward the end of the night he got up on a table and kept screaming out ‘who wants to come to the disabled toilet with me?’ It was from there we had to ask for him to leave.”

Ardie’s father Masena was deeply disturbed stating “If he every does that again I will boomfah his face”

Marshall released a statement saying “I apologise. But let me get one thing straight I was not drunk and everything I did was banter. Boomfah.”


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