NZ Rugby Ban Aaron Smith, Halfback Seeks Public Support

NZ Rugby has suspended Aaron Smith for the rest of the year following a drama filled week. The star halfback came under intense public and media scrutiny when a video of him having sex in an airport toilet surfaced.

Smith is reportedly appealing the ban and is pleading to the public for support. The response has quick with the hashtag #FreeAaronSmith going viral on social media, with many fans and celebrities lending their support to get Smith back on the field.

Notable celebrities who have joined the #FreeAaronSmith movement include
NBA star Steven Adams, who stated “I thought he got caught voting in that toilet not rooting”.

Olympic pole vaulter Eliza McCartney also tweeted “Sex in a public toilet. We’ve all been there. #FreeAaronSmith”

Max Key who has been spotted wearing a #FreeAaronSmith t-shirt and is set to dedicate his next George FM show to the #FreeAaronSmith movement.

Aaron Smith has been blown away by the response telling Thai Castle “Having the support of some many around the country is huge. Big thanks to all those involved in the #FreeAaronSmith movement. I promise you all that I will get back on the field in 2016.”

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