‘EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Smith Claims He Was Voting, Not Rooting’

Aaron Smith tells Thai Castle what really happened in that disabled toilet cubicle in an exclusive interview.
TC: So Aaron, what happened?
AS: My friend came to me and she was pretty upset. She pulled me into the cubicle, and I felt I had to be there for her.
TC: And when you locked the door?
AS: She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled out her local body election forms, she didn’t know who to vote for.
TC: Were you surprised by this? And why a toilet cubicle?
AS: I was a bit nervous while she unbuttoned her shirt, but it became apparent why. Voting is a private matter, and we needed somewhere private. Christchurch Airport doesn’t have many places for such a private meeting.
TC: Did you get the deed done?
AS: Yes, we very quickly smashed some voting boxes.
TC: So why have you been sent home after such an act of kindness?
AS: I forgot to post my own voting forms and they need to be in the post today. 
TC: Any last comments
AS: I was not rooting, I was voting!

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