Steve Tew Admits No Investigation Took Place; Witnesses Paid In Calendar Girls Vouchers

Under fire from Dame Susan Devoy, Steve Tew has cracked and admitted that in fact no investigation took place over the Chiefs stripper scandal.

“We were stuck, we were up shit creek throwing gravel, we needed an outl

“Nothing could be substantiated, because we didn’t even try” laughed Tew, nervously.

Thai Castle understands the independent witnesses were paid to testify, in Calendar Girls currency.

The Chiefs players, all slapped on the wrist with wet bus tickets, were also encouraged to attend CG to let out their “boyish ways”

“I just think it’s inappropriate, to have these kinds of entertainers, in public bars where we can be scrutinised and held accountable. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, we will be funding their visits to private establishments, where prying eyes are on the girls, not the players”

“Scarlette” the stripper, spoke with Thai Castle after her radio interview expressing disappointment, “it wasn’t supposed to end this way. I’m a private contractor now, if they end up going to those establishments I get no work, this has really backfired and I regret it”

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