Sponsors line up outside mt smart for mad monday celebrations following tigers loss

The queues outside Mt Smart stadium at fulltime were almost as big as they were before kickoff as an overwhelming number of sales reps for various companies lined up outside to try and cut a deal for the Warriors Mad Monday celebrations, now that the Warriors are out of the competition.

Kelly Martin, Redbull marketing manager, was one of those to try and get a promo deal for the celebrations “We know the players in this team are absolute morons on and off the field. No doubt they will dabble in more energy drinks and pills on Mad Monday, why not give them unlimited Redbull and wait for the Snapchats/Instagrams to shower their followers with our products. Win win for Redbull! “

Kate Bagulie, Comms manager for Calander Girls, told Thai Castle, “It’s a longshot for us, being a strip club and not a brothel will make it rather unlikely we can get the boys onboard but its worth a crack. Speaking of crack; if they want, it we have it! This kind of event is the best value advertising for us because we know its going to end up in NZ Herald at some point”

The tentative itinerary has been leaked to Thai Castle and is as follows:


9am – Optional Hollywood bakery breakfast on Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington
10am – VIP mass at Destiny church for players and extended extended families only
11:30 – Quick training game to prank the coach by showing him their full potential
1pm – Court session
3pm – Actual end of year pissup court session
4pm – “Live entertainment”
6pm – Energy pills and No-doz to be taken no later than now
7pm – Nudie run for the players who didn’t throw a 50/50 pass
8pm – Keg stands
9pm – Hijack the Kelly Tarltons bus and drive to town
10pm – Dart out to the brothels
11pm – Players to return to Danny Doolans until closing, no exceptions.

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